Trauma sensitive

Couples Counseling

Relationship problems almost always result from (early) childhood patterns of both partners, which originally emerged as survival strategies in childhood. These imprints – your love maps – we explore and transform. As a consultant, I am also an advocate for the relationship and your „inner children“ and thus create a safe space. We follow a tried and tested system developed by Dr. Katharina Klees, in which you use specific scripts to outline the psychodynamics of your partnership and learn how happy relationships work. Transgenerational traumas are passed on in families until a couple resolves them. Many separations are unnecessary and nothing more than a trauma transmission to the next generation. You lead as a good role model for your children as you navigate through the crisis. You belong to the generation that now has the chance! Examples of topics that concern my clients are:

• Communication problems and arguments

• Alienation, boredom

• External Relations

• Conflicts of loyalty

• Listlessness (e.g. after birth trauma)

• Separation intentions and much more.

I offer a compact way of working because this guarantees the best results. These are intensives where we work together on three consecutive days for 3 hours each. In a one-hour initial meeting we get to know each other beforehand. I would be happy to advise you via Zoom or in the practice in Berlin-Pankow. Contact me for a 15 minute free phone call where you can ask questions and we’ll explore if this work is right for you. I also offer counseling in german.

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